Powerful RAID Management Software

The Most Trusted Solution for Accessing Mac Disks in Windows

  • Advanced: Create RAID 0/1/4/5/1+0 (10) arrays1
  • Protected: SoftRAID Monitor constantly watches your disks and alerts you if problems are detected 
  • Flexible: Use multiple HFS+ or single APFS volumes
  • Validated: Volume validation ensures sectors can be read and parity is correct
  • Certified: Checks disks before use to ensure they are safe for data storage
  • Vigilant: Error prediction helps protect against unexpected failure
  • Universal: Built-in OWC MacDrive technology lets you move SoftRAID arrays seamlessly between Macs and PCs
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    Peace Between The Platforms

    With MacDrive Standard you can access Mac disks as if they were normal PC disk direct from Windows Explorer or your favorite software. MacDrive has built a reputation on blazing quick read/write speeds and unparalleled data security.