Software License Management

OWC SoftRAID, MacDrive and Disk Aware software requires activation. OWC software is licensed per computer and needs to be activated to use all features.

To activate OWC software you will need a valid serial number. You can access the activation options in the software – both online and offline.

If you have made changes to your computer or need to move your software license to another computer, you can deactivate your license from within the software or through our online system.

Frequently asked questions

If you purchased your software here on the OWC software store, you can locate your serial number by logging in to your customer account and selecting “Show Previous Orders” and then “Order Details”. The serial number will be near the bottom of the page. It is also listed on your order confirmation email from OWC.

If your license was included with your OWC enclosure purchase, your serial number will be on a sticker located on the bottom of your unit or depending on storage solution may be located inside the front drive door.

SoftRAID only
Still, having trouble locating your SoftRAID serial number? Please download the SoftRAID Serial Number Extractor (Mac) utility on the computer where you have SoftRAID installed.

Download Serial Number Extractor

*Note: Your SoftRAID license is your property and OWC may not always be able to retrieve a lost license. Please keep your license information in a secure place.

SoftRAID and MacDrive can be used for in trial mode without activating. After that time, the software must be activated in order to continue using the software features.

Activating the software requires a valid serial number. If you have not yet purchased the software, please visit our online store to purchase. You can also purchase an upgrade from a prior version of SoftRAID or MacDrive.

OWC Software can be activated from software applications or from the main software menus.


Activating SoftRAID for Mac through the SoftRAID menu

Activating SoftRAID for Windows through SoftRAID menu

You can also activate the software online..

In some cases, you may wish to deactivate your SoftRAID or MacDrive installation — to unlicense the software to be used again. This is particularly useful if you wish to migrate your installation to a different computer.

You can deactivate your license through menu options, same as activation above:

Activating SoftRAID for Mac through the SoftRAID menu

Activating SoftRAID for Windows through SoftRAID menu

You can also deactivate your license online.


Your SoftRAID and MacDrive license enables you to add more seats at anytime. To add more seats to your current serual number please visit the Additional Seats page.

You are having a problem with the Software Activation process.

There are four likely causes:

1) You aren’t connected to the Internet while activating, or

2) You are connected to the Internet through a proxy, which is common on business networks, or

3) You have already installed the software on the allowed number of computers (typically just one), or

4) You have replaced enough hardware in your computer that it appears to the activation system that you are now installing the software on a second computer, even though you are not.


1) Confirm that you have an active Internet connection before attempting to activate the software.

2) Confirm that the activation wizard knows your Internet proxy information, which you can likely get from your system administrator if you are on a business network.

3) You may deactivate in the software here.

5) Purchase additional software for the other computers from

6) Contact Support, explain what has changed in your computer, and provide your product serial number. Our support team will contact you and work with you to get the software activated.

The activation code is a time sensitive, one use code that is generated as a part of offline activation. If you are being asked for an activation code, follow the on-screen instructions carefully and you will be able to generate one, using either a webform on any web-capable device or by phone. Either method requires a computer ID which is also displayed in the window.

You can install on one computer at a time per license purchased. If you need additional licenses, please contact us for discounted additional seats.

Activate and Deactivate Your Software

OWC software uses activation technology to help users manage installs. You can activate and deactivate anytime through the software or online. In the software you can access the license management options through the software menus. Online use the buttons below to activate and deactivate.