ArGest BRU Core


For your Personal Desktop, Business System, or the Creative Sphere

ArGest™ BRU™ Core – Unix and Linux CLI (Command Line Interface Backup Software)
For the user or OEM/integrator who prefers to script and control BRU™ functions from the command line or to integrate the BRU™ I/O engine into your app without the overhead of a graphical environment, BRU Core™ is available.

ArGest® BRU™ Core uses the small footprint ultra-fast and reliable BRU engine for all backup and restore operations, BRU Core is available to support a multitude of platforms, and protects data via NFS, AFS, SMB, and NetAtalk mounted filesystems.

The ArGest® BRU™ Core v18.0 is the actual I/O engine that powers all our BRU-based solutions. For full BRU functionality with extensive GUI controls, choose the BRU Server or Argest Backup lines instead.